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CONNECTING THE WORLD Inc. (“Voip-Pal,” or the “Company”) is a global leader in cost-efficient technology that enables high-volume text, voice and digital multi-media communications.  We open locked doors across many social and enterprise applications, allowing all "callers" to message each other, regardless of platform.  We simply bring people together through the internet, WiFi, and phone networks.  Our mission is simple: to Connect the World.

The biggest names in technology utilize Telco pioneer Voip-Pal’s patent portfolio.  All of these companies seek to grow their businesses by offering increasingly integrated Internet communications services, including simple-to-use telecom and mobile payments.  Only Voip-Pal can make this possible.

Voip-Pal’s suite of patents offers a major change in the way communication traffic is managed across the Internet and telephone networks.  Voip-Pal's intellectual property covers the classification and routing of all voice, messaging and data traffic across telephone networks and the Internet. Voip-Pal creates virtual bridges that span global communications.

Key Benefits: 
•  Reduce capital requirements for network platforms
•  Allow major network functionality to live in the Cloud, facilitating lowest cost transmission
•  Let users go between different types of wireless networks while they’re on a call
•  Help Operators maintain "call" financial relationships as traffic is delivered to other networks – and to monetize data traffic across networks


Today, “callers” connect via private-to-private messages with people who downloaded the same walled-off app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and others.  A maze of nodes, networks and proprietary software create major challenges for consumers who just want a simple way to reach others around the world.

Tomorrow, “callers” will connect using their single phone number – messaging any user, anywhere, on any network and any social messaging app – across phone networks, Wi-Fi and the Internet – all enabled by the technology integration capabilities provided by Voip-Pal. 

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