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INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Inc. (“Voip-Pal,” or the “Company”) is a publicly traded holding corporation (OTC Pink: VPLM) that acquired Digifonica International (DIL) Limited (“Digifonica”) in 2013 in order to fund, co-develop and complete Digifonica's suite of patents.


Digifonica is a technology development company founded in 2003 with the vision that the internet would be the future of all forms of telecommunications.  Digifonica assembled a team of twenty top engineers with expertise in Linux and Internet telephony which developed solutions for future connectivity using the internet.  Digifonica operationalized and tested its suite of software solutions with applications in five core areas of internet connectivity:


1.) Routing, Billing & Rating (“RBR”);

2.) Lawful Intercept;

3.) Short Number Dialing (Enhanced 911);

4.) Mobile Gateway; and

5.) Uninterrupted Transmission


Voip-Pal considers its patent suite to be fundamental to modern telecommunications using internet protocol. Accordingly, the Company considers itself to have a stake among the vast subscribership which utilizes its routing and call classification technology for all applicable voice, messaging and internet payments employing messaging routing classifications.

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