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Voip-Pal Patent Information Summary (March 1, 2021)

Voip-Pal's intellectual property value is derived from twenty two (22) issued patents including five parent patents, one of which is foundational and the others which build upon the former.


The Voip-Pal inventions described in these patents provide the means to integrate VoIP services with any of the Telco systems to create a seamless service using either legacy telephone numbers of IP addresses, and enhance the performance and value of VoIP implementations worldwide.  The Voip-Pal patented technology provides:


1.) Universal numbering ubiquity; 

2.) Network value as defined by Metcalfe;

3.) The imperative of interconnect, termination, and recompense for delivery of calls by other networks;

4.) Regulatory compliance in regulated markets;

5.) Interconnection of VoIP networks to mobile and fixed networks; and

6.) Maintenance of uninterrupted VoIP calls across fixed, mobile, and WiFi networks.


Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, or "VoIP," has been and continues to be a green field for innovation that has spawned numerous inventions, greatly benefitting consumers large and small across the globe.  Several well-known brands offer retail VoIP implementations.  However, VoIP is used in many other places that we may not realize and by practically every modern telephony system vendor, network supplier, and retail and wholesale carrier.  Whether a call is placed directly through a VoIP service retailer or made as a long-distance call over a traditional phone system or mobile carrier, VoIP is likely being utilized somewhere along the way.


VoIP is rapidly expanding towards ubiquity in our everyday communications.  Wherever a metered VoIP call is routed, it is likely already benefitting from a Voip-Pal invention.

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