top of page Inc. Receives New Patent as it Awaits Decision of the PTAB
The Company looks forward to the PTAB’s disposition of Apple’s sanctions motion

April 17, 2018 -- Inc. (“Voip-Pal”, “Company”) (OTCQB: VPLM) is pleased to announce that it was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,948,549 today.


Following today’s issuance, Voip-Pal now owns seventeen issued U.S. patents and three allowed U.S. patent applications.

The Company’s litigation against Apple and several other companies has asserted only two patents—namely, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,542,815 and 9,179,005 (also referred to as the ‘815 and ‘005 patents). On November 20, 2017, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) issued their Final Written Decisions, upholding the validity of the ‘815 and ‘005 patents, which had been challenged by Apple in their inter partes review (IPR) petitions. Apple subsequently filed  post-judgment motions in the IPR proceedings seeking invalidation of the ‘815 and ‘005 patents or a new trial in the alternative, as a sanction against Voip-Pal.


Emil Malak, CEO of Voip-Pal stated, “We are still awaiting the PTAB’s decision on this matter.  It is our firm belief that Apple’s sanctions request will be denied as meritless, after which Voip-Pal can resume its patent lawsuits.”

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